Director(s) Vaga Vardanyan

Script writer(s) Oleg Massarigin

Camerman(s)Artavazd Khachaturyan


ActorsArtur Papikyan, Anna Ghukasyan, Raffi Galstyan, Poghos Annayan, Abel Annayan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Film producer(s)Tigran Manasyan, Hmayak Alexanyan

Production Company(s)«Arm Film Industry Development»

70 min


Arno Babajanyan is one of the brightest composers of the 20th century. His songs became the object of universal worship immediately after their release. The country's best singers lined up for his songs, and poets considered it an honor to write poems for his songs. For more than half a century, his symphonies, quartets and rhapsodies have been performed by great musicians in the best concert halls of the world. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from the Far North to the Southern fringes of the Soviet Union, his talent and truly great music became a part of every Soviet citizen's life.




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