Director(s) Arman Chilingaryan

Script writer(s) Arman Chilingaryan, Garik Mashkaryan

Camerman(s)Artavazd Khachaturyan


ActorsSasun Sargsyan, Emma Babakhanyan, Vigen Stepanyan, David Tadevosyan, Marat Beybutyan, David Harutyunyan

Film producer(s)Arman Chilingaryan, Sadyk Sher - Niyaz

Production Company(s)CHILL FILM, AITYSH FILM

80 min


In Yerevan of the 1990s, a young soldier experiences a double tragedy. When a friend dies before his eyes, Arsen commits a reckless act and is arrested. While in custody, he receives news of the death of his parents. After a period of disciplinary punishment in a military unit, he is released, demobilized, and begins to mourn. It's unclear what the future holds for him and then he meets Marie.



  • +374 (10) 52-20-32
  • +374 (10) 52-20-38
  • Teryan 3a

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