Director(s) Ruben Kochar

Script writer(s) Ruben Kochar

Camerman(s)Samvel Babasyan


ActorsHovhannes Babakhanyan, Arsen Khachatryan, Vahagn Gasparyan, Emanuela Grigorian, Sona Toranian

Film producer(s)Narine Kochar

Production Company(s)KOCHAR Cultural Foundation

40 min


One hundred year after his death was officially recorded, Cagliostro, who possessed the secret of immortality returns to the house, where he was supposed to find his lost love - "the ring". Meeting his youth in a forgotten castle and finding out about the loss of his love, he goes back into the depth of centuries refusing any further deal with the Devil.




  • +374 (10) 52-20-32
  • +374 (10) 52-20-38
  • Teryan 3a

Դուք չեք լրացրել բոլոր պահանջվող դաշտերը