Director(s) Harutyun Khalafyan

Script writer(s) Narek Avagyan

Camerman(s)Vazgen Muradyan


ActorsMkrtich Arzumanyan, Vahagn Galstyan, Arpi Gabrielyan, Grigor Danielyan, Ara Sargsyan, Naira Shahiryan, Rafayel Yeranosyan, Mariam Davtyan, Artur Begjanyan, Dalita Avanesyan, Anush Hambardzumyan, Stepan Hovhannisyan, Alexandr Arzumanyan, Serzh Arakelyan

Film producer(s)Tigran Hambardzumyan, Vahan Grishkyan

Production Company(s)Persona Grata

95 min


Tigran is a clever teenager with great potential, who always gets into trouble because of bad friends. He does not attend to classes and is a regular guest at principal’s office. Next time when he is waiting to enter principal’s room, he hears a conversation in which the principal and her deputy are talking about how low the rating of the school is and because of that parents transfer their kids to other schools and if the situation does not change, the school may be terminated. Tigran does not pay attention to that news because he is not concerned about the school but he is concerned about his relationship with Ani, his crush since forever. The circumstances force Tigran to read a book about Don Quixote and make a report on it. Tigran starts to struggle with himself. From one hand he must not fail because Ani will be watching his presentation, and on the other hand he never liked reading, moreover his friends will bully him if they see him in the library. Eventually he decides to steal the book from his neighbor old man Vachik, who is known to be a sullen person. Soon after he steals the book Don Quixote himself starts to speak with him from the pages of the book and helps Tigran to stand on the righteous way.




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