13 July 2023

As part of the 100th-anniversary celebration of Armenian cinema, the National Cinema Center of Armenia is carrying out the "Armenian Cine-Century" regional program, which runs from July to November. This program aims to promote and showcase the rich heritage of Armenian films, both classic and contemporary, in all regions of Armenia. The initiative is made possible with the financial support of the RA Ministry of Education and Culture.


The screening program has carefully curated around a hundred Armenian films, spanning full-length and short films, as well as various genres such as animated, documentary, and feature films. This selection includes both classical and modern works, including restored pieces from the rich Armenian film heritage. The screenings are specifically designed to reach regions and centers where organizing film screenings may be challenging. Various venues will be utilized, including schools, cultural center halls, and even outdoor squares, ensuring that the program reaches 10 marzes (provinces) of the Republic.


By promoting Armenian film heritage and contemporary films through traditional film screenings on the big screen, the program aims to foster the continuous growth of film culture beyond Yerevan. This initiative will significantly contribute to raising awareness about lesser-known Armenian cinematic classics among the broader society, including the younger generation. The project's implementation offers a unique opportunity for widespread public exposure to both the film heritage and modern works, engaging diverse segments of society. It allows individuals to connect with animated films, documentaries, and feature films that resonate with their personal interests and preferences.


The subtitling of films in English proves to be one of the important outcomes of the project, which will provide an opportunity for foreign visitors to get acquainted with the Armenian classics and modern films.  It also holds special significance for the internationalization of Armenian cinema and its presence on various network platforms.


The "Armenian Cine-Century" program has kicked off from the Armavir region, its next destination is Lori. Admission is free, and we extend a warm invitation to everyone to attend and enjoy Armenian films projected on the big screen.


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