LORIK (2018)

Director(s) Aleksey Zlobin

Script writer(s) Mikayel Pogosyan, Maria Sahakyan

Camerman(s)Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan


ActorsEvgenia Dmitrieva, Mikayel Poghosyan, Shake Tukhmanyan, Irene Ayvazyan

Film producer(s)Martiros Minasyan, Mikayel Poghosyan

Production Company(s)"TEAM" production, K&MM Investments

95 min


The man wears a cash bag on the desk of the theater manager and states that the theater will be closed. The staggering actor Laurence, nicknamed Lorik, is a terrible shock. The theater is all his life, he wears masks and costumes even in real life – Lorik precisely avoids being himself and avoiding excessive contacts with other people. If, however, one strange incident gives Laurence the ability to jump from one body to another and experience everything that another person experiences, he is forced to deal with the very personal problems of other people. In addition, he has the opportunity to play completely new roles, from a neighbour to a small sick girl and politician, and hopefully to end up with him.




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