Director(s) Ara Tchagharyan, Artashes Matevosyan

Script writer(s) Artashes Matevosyan, Ara Tchagharyan


Film producer(s)Ara Tchagharyan, Artashes Matevosyan

Production Company(s)Ara Tchagharyan


73 min


After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1988, Armenia, which gained its independence thanks to a national movement, going through hardships and tragedies, starting its way with democracy and the victory in Karabakh war, after the palace coup in 1998, and the terrorist attack in parliament in 1999, became an authoritarian country. 

Another national movement took place in 2008, which ended with the murder of ten people.

In 2018, people finally stood up again. There was a decisive novelty - everyone who had a smartphone was a cameraman. The film is based entirely on the authentic footage shot by those volunteer cameramen.



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