Director(s) Hambartsum Hambartsumyan

Script writer(s) Hambartsum Hambartsumyan

Camerman(s)Narek Martirosyan


ActorsMushegh Gagik Hambartsumyan, Gagik Ghazareh, Garik Hovhannisyan

Film producer(s)Hambartsum Hambartsumyan

Production Company(s)"GROGH" foundation

15 min


Gazan had heard on the radio that dog meat is a delicacy in Korea. After drinking and smoking joint he talks the 8 year old boy’s father into killing his son’s dog and eating it.

Gazan and the father persuade the boy to give his dog to Gazan for one day for Gazan to tie him up in his field so that the thieves do not enter his piece of land. The men kill the dog and prepare dish. A little later the boy comes to Gazan’s house to ask about his pet. In order to get rid of the boy, Gazan lies to him that they would return the dog the next day.

When leaving Gazan’s house, the electric lights suddenly came back on and the boy noticed the bloody axe and his dog’s fur in the yard. He realizes that his dog had been slaughtered.

The next day Gazan and the boy’s father were sober. They felt guilty and came to the boy to lie to him that the dog had freed from the ties and run away but after the conversation they had to go look for the pet.



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