18 October 2022

We are happy to announce that GATE TO HEAVEN feature (directed by Jivan Avetisyan), which has received state financial support has been included in AMC's (AMC Entertainment Holdings American movie theater chain) independent programming schedule.


This is a highly competitive program, which accepts only 4-8 titles every year and this year the Armenian film GATE TO HEAVEN is one of them. From October 21 the film will be screened at the AMC cinema networks in the 10 largest cities of the United States: Glendale, Detroit, Las Vegas, Orange, Boston, etc.


NB: The feature film GATE TO HEAVEN was included in the competition section of Be Epic! London International Film Festival. It was the opening film of the festival and came winning with the Best Cinematography award.


The film is Jivan Avetisyan's third full-length feature on the Artsakh theme. It is a joint production of eight countries: Armenia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, the USA.




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