16 April 2023

The beginning of Armenian national cinema was officially set up in 1923. Since then, for a century Armenian cinema has been presenting its original style to the world, contributing to enrichment of the international film heritage.


The 100th anniversary of Armenian cinema is another opportunity to re-evaluate the mysterious and wonderful world of cinema, the powerful art of mind and soul, which has brought dreams, feelings, emotions and illusions of our people on screen and formed a collective image and national face of Armenians for more than a century. In 100 years, after the transition from silent cinema to the sound one, cinema developed  with lightning speed both technically and conceptually-from Beknazaryan to Peleshyan, from black-and-white image to computer graphics, each time keeping the magic of cinema going.


On the occasion of Armenian Cinema Day, the National Cinema Center of Armenia warmly congratulates all cinema professionals - directors, screenwriters, actors, make-up artists, lighting technicians, cameramen... you are all making the world more beautiful!


We wish you inexhaustible energy, fresh creative ideas and unconditional love of the audience. We congratulate all Armenian cinema lovers and encourage them to watch Armenian cinema on screen.


Happy Armenian Cinema Day!

May the magic of cinema always accompany you!


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