The play is based on Donald Bisset’s fairy tales. Bisset is an English actor, writer, director and painter. The play The Upsidedown Dream is a unique journey to childhood, where Narine Malyan helps us see the beauty and miracles that surround us. The play is targeted at children, yet, who would refuse to laugh as heartily as a child? Children aged 5-105 can enjoy the show, which will transfer you into the world of beauty, kindness and miracle, holding from the beginning to the end.


In 2020 The Upsidedown Dream was rated as the best show for children.


Directed by Narine Malyan

Stage design: Andranik Harutyunyan

Stage costume design by Tatev Melkonyan

Musical arrangement by Narine Malyan


      Vahagn Gasparyan

      Samvel Topalyan

      Astghik Abajyan

      Kristina Hovakimyan

      Syuzi Adamyan






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